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Laptop Restarts as I insert my MBlaze Ultra

Company/Brand: MTS (M BLAZE)

Whenever I Insert my MBlaze Ultra into my laptop it restarts with a blue screen showing that system has crashed or failed.Also the speed is very poor even when the signal is full and UI displays HSD speed on the top.

Read More Posted : Thursday 19 June 2014 08:36 by Harshit Laddha

call details

Company/Brand: mts mobile

sir please send me call details (3months)of my mobile no. i lost my mobile so is very important to my education purpose please sir i requesting you please mail to my i.d anilk4436@gmail.com my mobile number is mob-8711010260(1612740967)

Read More Posted : Monday 16 June 2014 15:17 by anil kumar b.k (kaveramma h.b)

MTS Mobile call list

Company/Brand: MTS telecom

Dear sir, I have MTS mobile phone , came some problem, phone can not open aney option (menu, call log etc..). Please send all call list detail to e-mail from Feb.2014 to till date now. This is very important for me. Phone no. 9143936302.Please...

Read More Posted : Friday 14 March 2014 16:18 by Pradipta manna

requesting for 6 months call details

Company/Brand: MTS prepaid

hi this is bindu. i need your help my dad's mts prepaid mobile hand set has fallen into water and the call list has been erased he had many important phone numbers of his office and he doesn't have its copy. so it would be helpful if u could send us the last 6 months call details of my dad phone number (8453618413).

Read More Posted : Wednesday 19 June 2013 07:56 by bindu

From chennai Want To get judgement from MTS.

Company/Brand: Mts Broad Band

For the past 2 years i am using Mts modem.i am getting only 30 kbps speed instead of 3.1 mbps those vendors are telling that u will get 3.1 mbps speed while buying but no use.i complained 2 to 3 times to MTS but no use waste of money buying this.Guys who those planned to buy MTS don't buy.They wont attend the complaint they wont care for customers.9150958052

Read More Posted : Friday 21 December 2012 11:26 by Karthick.B 9790777297

give me call details of my mts mobile number as soon as possible

Company/Brand: mtsprepaid

sir there was uncertain cut of recharge from my mts mobile no.9667008410. please give me call details of my mts mobile no. on this EMail id.as soon as possible give me call detils of my no.[nv

Read More Posted : Wednesday 14 November 2012 13:25 by JITESH HARWANI

speed not promised

Company/Brand: MTS (M BLAZE)

i am not getting 3.1 Mbps speed. SIGNAL STRENGTH IS COMING LOW STILL ON SECOND FLOOR THE NORMAL SPEED IS 250-300Kbps. just purchased 3 days before. provide me good signal strength.reply as early as possible. my data plan is of 3GB STILL 2GB LEFT.phone no 99900333471MDN=8459936629

Read More Posted : Friday 9 November 2012 17:00 by AAMIR AZAM


Company/Brand: MTS prepaid

i need the call conversation of my mts number , it is very critical that i get it, as it is a make or break issue, kindly help. if it is possible i will provide my mob no and all requisite details, kindly oblige pls.

Read More Posted : Wednesday 10 October 2012 18:55 by mak

mts call detail

Company/Brand: MTS prepaid

my mts no 9667693069 call detail sent me my no. 9667585588 plz sir sent my call details

Read More Posted : Wednesday 26 September 2012 09:38 by ALI

too slow speed

Company/Brand: MTS

i am facing too slow net speed.around 80kb/sec. they promised 3.1 mb/sec.

Read More Posted : Friday 29 June 2012 00:39 by hiesh sharma