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HTC Wilfire stolen in bus, Please trace the location

Company/Brand: HTC Wilfire

My name is Rahul Dubey, and i am from Kundalahalli, Bangalore. on Friday 28th September 2012 while I was coming back from the office in the bus (500 C) my mobile HTC Wildfire stolen near Kundalahalli. thief has picked it up from my pocket and then took out my sim card after I attempted to call on my number. Please raise a request for my stolen mobile and try to trace out where it is right now. The

Read More Posted : Monday 1 October 2012 11:16 by Rahul Dubey

This solution can help reduce traffic

Company/Brand: I'm still a student

The traffic is increasing like anything.. What I have observed is that even though the roads are wide enough they still cause traffic, the only reason for this being the wrongly parked vehicles. In residential areas people tend to park their four-wheeler in front of their home on the road, if someone could make a law or catch such illegally parked vehicles and fine them, I guess most of the Bangal

Read More Posted : Wednesday 18 May 2011 20:31 by Sharan

bad post sale services

Company/Brand: sony ericson

i purchased the Sony Ericsson mobile w350 for the price Rs.4900one of its part ie. flap was broken and when i went to replace the flap or entire panel, i was asked to bill the amount of Rs.2500 for changing the panel..Where is the discount.

Read More Posted : Monday 21 February 2011 23:59 by adhakrishnan

Booking Refill Cylinder

Company/Brand: hp gas Hindustan petroleum

My consumer name is V.Venkateshwar Rao, and my consumer number is 609762. Please book my HP Gas refill Cylinder. Iam unable to book through Phone

Read More Posted : Thursday 3 February 2011 17:28 by Hanitha