Kenstar Water Heater not working

Company/Brand: Kenstar / Category: Home Appliances

I bought a Water heater on Nov 12, 2012. On Nov 30, 2012 it stopped working. I have registered a complaint on Dec 1 (complaint number is PUN0112120202) and the problem is not yet fixed. I would like to ask for a replacement since its been not even a month after I purchased when the thing stopped working. I have the warranty card with me. Please look

Read More Posted : Thursday 6 December 2012 18:42 by Mr Nabajit Das

Looks Salon : worst salon in Delhi NCR

Company/Brand: Looks Salon / Category: Health and Beauty

I had gone with my family in looks salon ,the service was very poor. The staff is very rude after hair wash they leave us in between and start attending new customer. when we ask for hair cut they says we r busy with another customer. Wait for 20 mins.Never go to looks salon

Read More Posted : Thursday 6 December 2012 18:16 by user844 - spenting too much on advertisement but not on service

Company/Brand: / Category: Online Fraud

I never faced such harassment in my 6 Years of experience of Online Shopping (mostly from currently known as,,, etc) but after dealing with I'll always rethink before paying in a new born online shopping site.On 8th October 2011 I make payment of Rs. 4330.00 for two Wrist Watches as detailed below:Order #101055

Read More Posted : Wednesday 5 December 2012 13:15 by Moloy Dey is a cheat and a froad site, please be aware

Company/Brand: / Category: Online Fraud

Its a lowest bid aution site. If someone put a lowest unique bid on a product item then he/she will get that item with applied bid priceI have been closely monitoring their Bids (reverse auction) for past few days. Needless to say wasted a few thousand bucks. Whenever you bid it will say either "not unique" or "unique but not least".Until the finish of the time the

Read More Posted : Tuesday 4 December 2012 16:55 by ganeshM32

Mobile Tower Installation.

Company/Brand: Uninor mobile tower installation / Category: Telecom

Dear Sir, M/S Dual Technology & Industries limited offered me over mobile phone (+9108800768738) to install mobile tower of Uninor on my own land and they have sent prescribed form of your company with certain terms and condition through courier 2 days ago and they asked me to deposit Rs. 31, 000/- (thirty one thousand only)to the A/c No. of HDFC Bank their commercial Manager named Sri

Read More Posted : Friday 30 November 2012 16:07 by Mrs. Minu Mumtaj shaikh

unwanted deduction in balance by unwantedly subscription of services

Company/Brand: TATA DOCOMO / Category: Mobile Providers

yesterday on 22.11.2012 theservice provider deduce my balace by activating unwanted service by it self . i want my mony back and i dont want these type of unwanted services so i request to the service provider to unsubscribe these servises

Read More Posted : Friday 23 November 2012 11:19 by Raviranjan kumar singh

Exhorbitant bills on Reliance Netconnect+

Company/Brand: Reliance Postpaid Data Card / Category: Telecom

I am getting exorbitant bills on my Reliance Netconnect+, after the 1st 3 months of usage, which was not to be billed as per the scheme, 1st bill came for around Rs.120/-, the second bill has come for Rs.860/- and during the period of usage, I did not have proper connectivity also and have complained to them also about and it remains unresolved

Read More Posted : Wednesday 21 November 2012 15:13 by Atul

automatic deduction of balance from my cellphone

Company/Brand: tata docomo / Category: Mobile Providers

Daily some amount of money is being deducted from the balance of my cell and the customer care number is just a bull shit,they can't even hear the problem. So please deactivate the service whichever is being activated. Please sort out this problem as soon as possible

Read More Posted : Tuesday 20 November 2012 23:24 by shiva

give me call details of my mts mobile number as soon as possible

Company/Brand: mtsprepaid / Category: Unauthorized charges

sir there was uncertain cut of recharge from my mts mobile no.9667008410. please give me call details of my mts mobile no. on this EMail soon as possible give me call detils of my no.[nv

Read More Posted : Wednesday 14 November 2012 13:25 by JITESH HARWANI

TO stop the service of sim card

Company/Brand: reliance GSM sim / Category: Services

To,manager of reliance (maharashtra)respected sir, I want to stop reliance sim card service. because my sim was crashed and it also got locked. so i request you that to my gsm card service. thanking you.

Read More Posted : Sunday 11 November 2012 21:15 by utpat devidas gopal