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Air conditioner-1.5 ton window type- repair ,service and compensation-regarding

Company/Brand: Samsung-India


An air conditioner (1.5 ton,window type) was purchased from M/s Samsung exclusive, Roop nagar Delhi-110007 vide invoice no 1049 dt 1st May 2008.for a cost price of Rs 13000/- The A.C did not start up when tried on 2/4/2011.Samsung service centre was called up to do the needful on the same day.The srevice centre (Sapphire Sales & Services Pvt Ltd Wazirpur) attended the complaint the same day and suggested repair of control panel and gas filling at factory for an estimated cost of Rs 2300/-including a service charge of Rs 250/-(actual payment made Rs 300/-vide Cr no84410 dt2/4/2011).The A/C was taken by Samsung representative on 4/4 2011 for the repair. A report was given to me on 5/4/2011 telling that the repair works is estimated to cost Rs 13000/- for gas leakage,gas filling and control panel repairs. I have talked to your service Manager soon there after 0n telephone no 1800110011and declined to accept the terms of repair and have insisted for replacement of my A/C with a new one.

Now the following questions arise.An A/C just two/three years old having worked only three seasons becomes a scrap needing a repair cost amounting to the actual cost of equipment??I just refuse to admit this and in strong terms have conveyed that this is not acceptable to me and insisted on "no repairs" and get me a feed back from responsible seats within 24 hours.How do you propose to compensate the consumer? What is the quality and workmanship of Samsung products? I do insist on a replacement of my A/C with a new one properly tested for its quality and performance.I would also request for a suitable feed back from responsible seats in Samsung within 48 hours as the window in my bed room is ajar.

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Posted : Tuesday 5 April 2011 14:18 by A.N GOPINATHAN


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