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I receive a call from a pereson who tell itself caa center person. he say to me for win Rs. 25000000 in lucky draw joint celebrate by airtel & Dish Tv. This Person said to me for deposit the amount of tax & security. this amount paid by me and after they call Rs. 50000 another for car accedient.

plz sir i do resquest from you for help me.

mobil no. 9929071562

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Posted : Tuesday 8 March 2011 12:01 by Suresh chand sharma

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'2' Comments on this complaint so far:

2. Arushi Tiwari (Posted : Friday 30 March 2018 20:13)
I got my airtel number recharged with ?25 by paytm on 28th March,2018. And my balance subsequently got deducted till 29th March,2018. On calling the customer care one of them said that it has been deducted because of an international message been sent at Pakistan and I was amazed because I did not message anyone on international base and on requesting him to kindly see the confusion he said he would check if there is an error. Next day again 5? got deducted from my account and on calling the customer care, he started arguing and tried to prove me wrong. The striking part is neither did I message anyone abroad nor do I have connections beyond Indian boundaries. I am really concerned what happened to my number where are the messages being sent and how even when I did not text a single thing outside India. I myself don't know about it. I mistakenly received a call on 28th evening by +83 and since then this all is happening. I went to the Airtel Store and there they said the message history is deleted.Like seriously? Do you want a history of the things undone? Do you people mean that your customer is lying? Why would I argue with you and waste my time if I would have certainly done it. Why will I sit at the store waiting for my problems to be heard? Just for my amusement? Not for the sake of enjoyment for sure I would entertain myself with these things! Adding to this ,for 20? or 25?? I am a regular customer of Airtel including my family. This is the first time something like this happened. Neither I nor my family has connections abroad. How did this happen? I am, myself freaking out. No children or no one touches the phone and surely not by fault a person may text multiple times. What is then getting me into this trouble? I ain't crazy right that I'll text someone sitting outside India and delete my message history and stroll to the store then freak out and get myself in this concussion. I've no engrossment and time to get into this mess and pull you people. And they are telling me the digits of the number to where the message has been sent and the time. Woah! That means I am lying and you have the details so you are true. Try and understand I did no message anyone abroad. Kindly fix the issue and go through a proper checkup of the issue. I hope I don't get to hear the same story by you. I look forward for your cooperations unlike the people sitting at customer care and the store to resolve problems and not blame, argue and behave rashly with customers. If same, happens I would probably be a dissatisfied customer and disheartened by your services and acts. I would have to shut down the Airtel number and the poor services and mishappenings I went through past 2 days.
Thanking You.

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1. pavan (Posted : Monday 5 December 2011 00:33)
please send 9949810521 out going & incoming calls details please send ..................................................................................................................

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