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This is to bring to your kind attention I had approached TATA DOCOMO service branch at mandeveli to change my plan to prepaid. They requested to pay my first bill of RS.495 after which I can change my plan asper the policy. Subsequently I then paid my amount of RS.495 for first bill.
I filled up the application form for changing my plan to prepaid and handed over to MANDEVELI BRANCH OF TATA DOCOMO. I received an official communication . Subsequently I received the SMS from DOCOMO ON 3RD MARCH THAT MY MIGRATION REQUEST NUMBER 404423913 HAS BEEN REGISTERED and further to my earlier SMS DTD MARCH 3RD ,I RECEIVED AN ANOTHER SMS that my MIGRATION REQUEST was 404423913 for my tata photon plus NUM 9244100602 has been successfully completed .My cycle of post paid connection od DOCOMO IS FEB 25TH TO MAR 24TH 2014.Ideally they informed me that the post paid bill will be only from FEB 25TH TO MAR 3RD (SEVEN DAYS ) ON AN PRORATA BASIS,as the minimum caluse was to pay the first month bill.
MOREOVER I didn’t use the datacard from FEB 25TH TO MARCH 24TH for which the bill has been generated since MANDEVELI TATA DOCOMO BRANCH EXECUTIVE informed me that since I have already submitted my application for conversion to prepaid ,the bill will be calculated only on usage basis .
I had been politely been responding to phone calls regarding the same from TATA DOCOMO service people every day and all had supported my stance on the same. I had also informed them that I had received communication from TATA DOCOMO end regarding service migration .
Hence I want to have an explaniation from TATA DOCOMO regarding this type of miscommunication .
Looking forward for your reply on this matter.

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Posted : Sunday 29 June 2014 17:16 by S.PRASANNA

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