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Brett Mcfall - Brett Mcfall Courses Are Bullshits and Complete Waste of Time!!!

Company/Brand: www.brettmcfall.com

I have attended many internet marketing seminars and previews over the years.

This time I attended Brett McFall seminar preview while I was in Melbourne.

To be frank, it is not even worth your time to listen to him.

It is the same old story that you hear it over and over again from all the so called internet marketing gurus - How poor they were while holding on to their mundane job and finally found success in internet marketing.

To convince the audience, he will provide some "ideas and tips" on how to run a successful internet business online by naming few outsourcing companies that you can engage to do the work for you like Elance, Odesk and Fiverr.

4 Steps to Profitable Internet Business

1. How to find a niche,
2. create a product,
3. creating sales letter and
4. build a site.
5. Get Traffic

Traffic can get from

1. PPC
2. Backlinks
3. Articles - Guru knowledge, Goarticles,
Ezine articles,etc
4. Press release
5. Youtube

4 Ways to Make Money Online

1. Physical Products
2. Digital Products
3. Your Services
4. Affiliate Marketing

There is nothing new. You can read all these from the internet.

If a shipbuilder presented a seminar on "4 Steps to Be A Successful Shipbuilder" by providing you all the companies you can engage to build a ship, do you think you will be successful shipbuilder by just listening and reading their materials?

So what is Brett McFall objective?

To get the audience hype up and sign up for his courses and pay thousands of dollars to learn the success method.

Do you think you could be successful just by learning the methods from him?

Think about it...how long do you need to learn to become a successful shipbuilder or a shipbuilder businessman?

Will watching all the DVDs and books make you automatically a successful shipbuilder?

What next??? You will start signing up for one course after another from Brett McFall. Each time paying thousands and thousands of dollar ranging from S$5,000 to $60,000.

In between he may recommend some affiliate products through his affiliate links to keep you buying.

But at the presentation, it was projected that the first $5,000 course was all it needed to be successful online. It all sound so easy.

But what you will get from his website, WarpSpeedElite, are all ebooks and DVDs on what to do at your own time.

There is no handholding.

What if you want handholding. Then prepare to pay for higher programs fee.

Do you think you would be able to build a ship by watching DVDs?

Brett McFall projected that by repeating the process you could make $300,000 in a year!

When I talked to him, he was only interested if I would sign up for his course.

When I displayed that I had no interest to part with my $5,000 for his course. he was not longer interested to answer any further questions. Any further question were deemed as negative.

If you listen to his youtube videos channel, it is the same method deployed. The objective is to get you interested to click on his links and go to his webpage and sign up for his courses one after another.

He will be making money while sleeping but you will be burning your money and midnight oil reading his materials and watching his DVDs trying to find the secret to his success in online internet business.

Will you find his treasures? Many have testified...no!

Mmmm.. sound like Indiana Jones!


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Posted : Saturday 4 October 2014 12:52 by Internet Business Reviews

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