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Cheat by Bagittoday

Company/Brand: Bagittoday.com

I got a call from Bagittoday.com An India Today Group by Mr Amit Sharma "Your name has been shortlisted for Platinium Membership so that you will get discount upto 90% from Bagittoday on your next purchase and also your name could be send for cash contest run by Bagittoday, Only you have to make a purchase of Rs.15499.00 and if you are lucky then Ms. Divya or Ms. Riya will contact you shortly". As per their plan Ms. Divya had contacted me from 012047917500 and told me that you are a lucky customer and you are shortlisted by computer for cash prize of minimum Rs. 5,00,000.00, So you have to deposit Rs. 78,987.00 and your position will be locked and you will minimum win Rs. 5,00,000.00, and maximum Rs. 20,00,000.00, They have collected my secret banking details by assuring me that you are dealing with India Today, A leading media agency. I got trapped in their sweet talks and having faith in India Today I provided the details. They misused and made purchase of around 70,000.00 on behalf of me, They also arranged verification call where I denied because During verification all the truth came to me and I immediately cancelled the orders ids 1018133120, 1018133653, 1018136875 and 5800001245. Also I contacted Customer Care for cancellation of above order IDs and I have been allotted complaint no. 942114,942139,942155 and 942150 respectively. At last I got SMS from INDTDY "Dear KUMAR GAURAV your reference booking id no.1018133120, 1018133653 and 5800001245 for Rs. 26299.00, Rs. 17199.00 and Rs. 15499.00 has been dispatched on 04/10/2012 by FFGGN NCODO20274017, FFGGN NCODO20274016 & FFGGN NCODO20273989 respectively. The Bagittoday People are denying for refund.
I am very much stressed as Bagittoday is not helping.
Kindly do the needful

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Posted : Friday 5 October 2012 13:20 by Kumar Gaurav

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'1' Comments on this complaint so far:

1. anil kumar upadhyay (Posted : Saturday 24 November 2012 16:44)
Hi, Even i was contacted in the similar way by Ria & Samyra on 20-10-2012. Even in my case they are not refunding my payment of Rs. 102596/-. I have made multiple calls and no outcome yet. The sales executives said the payments will be in EMI where as actually they were not in EMI. Mr. Kapil from retention team dealt with my issue. I was shocked to listen few things from him. He asked me for any call recordings. He expects the customers to record the calls. It means they are going to cheat you at any cost and you should be careful enough to record the call. He also says that if they say that they are selling Taj Mahal, then why the customer should believe/accept it. This is how sarcastically they are talking. Everytime a new person steps in but there is no solution yet. They have an organised way of cheating the public. First of all they hire some people like Riay & Samyra who call the customers with some fake contest promotion and take the orders with all false statements then they arrange a call (which they call it as verification call) in which they quickly run through the product list without any specification / details and debit your account. Even if you call them the very next minute to cancel the order once your account is debited, they won't do it and keep on singing the same song of verification call that has no basis for non cancellation of orders under law. Sometimes the customer may not be able to lookinto the genuiness of the products offered so he may commit but later upon discovering the same, may wish to cancel the order and what is the difficulty to cancel the order placed on the same day ? It clearly signifies their intentions to trap and cheat the customer at any cost. When we insist to share the call recordings from their end, they don't do it at all. The recordings in which we have clearly stated to cancel the orders, they just don't share it at all. Even the executives who work in it do not have any sentiments, professional ethics. They all work with only one aim/objective.... cheating the public. They are clearly into unfair trade practice as per consumer act. How can their media channels speak about corruption when their own sister concern is into such a unfair trade practice. Its really a great shame to our nation to have a organisation that doesn't follow any professional ethics into media business. The executives are so shameless that inspite of so many days they don't pay any attention to the customer sufferings. They even forget that the pay that they are earning are out of customer payments and should atleast respect the customer for that. Their website has all the products that are marked up with atleast 30% above the market prices. They don't do any other business than cheating & fraud. Everybody should boycott shopping on bagittoday. It is the most horrible onlineshopping website among all the onlineshopping websites.

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