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Fooling the customer my false promises by Videocon-D2H.

Company/Brand: Videocon d2h


This is in referece to my earlier e-mail attached on the subject cited above. In this regard I would like to mention this that I am repeately lodging my complaints from 17th August, 2010. Few number are 17037771, 17042391,17391742, 17451882 and 18322778 and every time false, promises are made by the call centre employees for example, your complaint will be attended by our engineer within 24 hrs., 48 hrs. or is in process, you will have no need to call us again after this time, your complaint has been put in on higher priority and at last, what can I do for you sir, any help? For that, my simple reply is, yes, you can, please bring a lock and put it on the door of call centre and do not make false promises to the customers. I am very sorry state of mind by the behaviour shown by the company. Some time, it state that my product is within warranty period till 14-10-2010, as it has gone out of order before that and you have alreadylodged the complaint on 17.09.10, so,it will be replaced/repaired without any cost from you. The agent/shopkeeper in Bahadurgarh of d2h companay tell me that your product warranty has expired, so it will not be replaced and give this feed-back to the company and advise me to purchase a new. Who is right and who is wrong, it is beyound my thought and if I will have to buy a new product, why should I buy a cheat/thief company like Videocon d2h, who does not keep its promise. In last, No body i.e. the engineer, after giving 100% promises has not/is not attaining the job, so please advise me what should I do, I will do that, except to purchase a new product of Vedeocon-d2h.

Bharat Saini s/o

Manphool Saini



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Posted : Tuesday 14 September 2010 22:07 by Bharat Saini

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