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Company/Brand: Punjab National Bank

Hi, my name is mudit singh i live in delhi and i am a management student and i also work part time to arrange my college fee, I earn very less in figures ,and since i belong to an average family i cant afford to loose a single penny out of my pocket,
I hold a bank account with PNB which I opened when I was nearly adult , after such a long relationship with the bank the bank instead of understanding they deducted 5000 rupees from my account in fraction of seconds. It has really been a very sorry state of affairs, that we poor people have to face financial crisis all the time . Here is what happened with me

' I went to the PNB ATM based in East of Kailash ,south delhi to withdraw funds , while I entered my ATM pin the the machine was pulling up my a/c details slowly and while I was in the middle of giving instructions to withdraw cash ,all of the sudden the ATM machine screen turned blue in colour and I saw an error messege with a number on the screen which was- ERROR 522' I assumed that the machine wasnt working and so I left the ATM and went to the another ATM to withdrawcash I saw my a/c was left with nothing , I called up the customer services of the PNB bank I told them the entire scenario and they instead scolded me ,i went to the brlly rejected my complaanch for 6 months and finnaly they rejected my request'

My name is Mudit Singh, Account No.3926001500013699, Address is 2/412, vivek khand, Gomti nagar, Lucknow. My complaint number is 60321706, Transaction ID is -S49489132, and the ATM ID is H2309600.Though my complaint has been rejected as my transaction shows to be successful to the customer care unit.I would like to bring in notice to you that i still have'nt received my money though i have'nt received any revert for my mail from the ATM Cell .

Because of not submitting my fee on time I had almost lost my MBA exams and Ihad to borrow money from a friend on high intrest ,I have been mentally tortured by PNB for 6 months . i am still the intresti you dont have any ideahow far i have gone into mental tension

plz get my money back with the compensation if thats not possible at all then plz help me to drag PNB in the consumer court n wanna sue them at the earliest

i m a student and cant afford to loose single penny out of pock i work part time in call center and earn 12000 send money to parents and take care of my expenses , plz get my money back or else i m gonna committ suicide plz getmy money back

mudit singh
phone number-08860342396

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Posted : Tuesday 25 March 2014 19:55 by Mudit

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'1' Comments on this complaint so far:

1. Mudit (Posted : Tuesday 25 March 2014 20:00)
I filled the above complaint , and i want to update it a lil bit more this instance happened in sep 2013 and i filled complait on 23rs march 2014 now wat happened after that is as follow

I received a phone call on Sunday around 04;49 in the evening from the following number= 08521309552,and the PNB advisor appologised for the same and assured me that I am gonna get my money shortly ,and he at the same time advised me to update my delhi phone number in the a/c which i immidiately did ,and also texted the PNB advisor about t his request , now its been a long time he is not answering the phone call and infact now the phone is not rechable. which sounds strange, now instead of helping a poor citizen they are making a joke of me .....

please help me to take serious action against Punjab National Bank asap . i m gonna sue them and they will no longer be a govt authorised
they are cheats . i belive unlike othe govt bank Punjab National Bank is seeking bribe from a poor citizen.
plz help me get my money back along with reasonable compensation as its been more than 6 months and still no justice.

Name of the PNB advisor who called me called up from 08521309552 number.

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