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HDFC Bank has given less rate of Interest on FD

Company/Brand: HDFC Bank


My Saving a/c No. 00441140047309 (Cust Id.20892777)with Dlf Branch,Gurgaon is operational since Dec.2006.
I booked two Fix deposits each of Rs.50000 on 15th March 2011(FD No. 07114470024143 and 07114470024150) for a period of 12 months 16 days @8.50 %.
As per FD Confirmation Advice the maturity amount was Rs. 54599.41(FD No. 07114470024143 ) and Rs. 54599.41(FD No. 07114470024150)
on the contrary I recived Rs.54486.11 and Rs.54486.12(FD No. 07114470024143 and 07114470024150) which is lesser amount than the Actual Proposed amount.
In such a way I did not recive (113.30+113.29) Rs.226.59.

Here I want to clear that I have submitted Form 15G/15H on 15/2/2012 against (FD No. 07114470024143 and 07114470024150).I am not able to understand as to why TDS or Hidden charges deducted from the above mentioned FD's even though I have submitted Form 15G in advance to maturity of these particular FD's.
In such a way I bear a total loss of Rs.226.59 because of your inefficient reception Staff member at HDFC Rohini Sector-8 Branch,Delhi 110085.

Due to such a dissatisfaction from HDFC Bank Branch of Sector 8 Rohini I hereby applying for Account closure and final Settlement of accounts.

I am forced to apply for account closure through e-mail because the same reception staff member of HDFC Rohini sector 8 Branch has refused to recive account closure form/application with the reason that the account is maintained at Gurgaon and cannot be closed at Rohini sector 8 Branch .

I hereby attached the documantory proof of Account closing application due to not getting favourable responce from sector 8 Rohini Branch (same Reception Staff).
Kindly Close the Account ASAP and send me the Refund if any after F & F Settlemnt of Account No. 00441140047309.

Vineet Bhatia
Cust Id.20892777

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Posted : Friday 6 April 2012 21:19 by Vineet Bhatia

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