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i20 AVN system not working properly

Company/Brand: HYUNDAI I20

I have recently purchaes Hyundai i20 with AVN system from Pune India.

I have not received SD card for navigation system & user manual for the AVN system (www.daewoois.com) yet.

Dealer told me I will receive it later on from company.

I'm not able to play video on it using USB. Video played only once at the start.

Even while playing music form USB pen drive, system gets hanged most of the time.

It is very very slow to read the files from CD as well.

Also when I insert USB drive it gives me some error with alert window.

ALso photo viewer application is not working.

This is really frustrating. As thsi model is 66000/- expensive than normal ASTA model.

Is there any way I can get the user manual for the system. OR can you tell me how to reset that system to the factory default?

OR can we update the software for this system?

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Posted : Tuesday 4 January 2011 20:36 by Parag Rakibe

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'3' Comments on this complaint so far:

3. Arijit Ray (Posted : Wednesday 6 April 2011 10:22)
I am facing a similar issue.

1. Not received the NAV Kit.

2. System Hangs up while playing Audio or Video from USB.

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2. Deepak Raj (Posted : Thursday 6 January 2011 19:22)
Hi Parag, I have planned to buy i20 ASTA with AVN. Now I have depressed by reading your post that the AVN is not working properly. Can u plz post some pics of your i20 AVN? Please let me know whether to go for ASTA AVN or not?

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1. Administrator (Posted : Wednesday 5 January 2011 09:49)
Dear Parag,

This is really bad happened with you,person bys such a expensive model for the comfort and joy & not for frustration & harrasement you are feeling right now,

i think you must write an email to the company regarding this and comlplaint about the dealer or the concern faulty person.

The company will definately come back to you and solve your problem.

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