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Lotter annoyence via email

Company/Brand: British Telecommunications Plc (BT-PLC)

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to complain about a lottery scam via email & sms.On 17/09/2011 I got a sms in my cell phone which said that my mobile number had won 500,000 pounds in 2011 British Telecom Int'l Promo,for payment contact us via email:btelecomprizes2011@hotmail.com.Out of curisity & to know the matter I respond to their email & I got an email containing an Application Form asking me to provide my details & Id Proof to claim my prize.I filled it sent to them.Then after 2 days they informed me to contact City Link Finance Security Company via email.Then I got another email from this company informing me to contact their diplomat agent named Philip Richard at my nearby airport.They also contacted me through ph no.I did not understand their language.I canceled it.They said I had to paid Rs.18,500/- for clearence charge of my prize at the airport.After knowing that I stopped responding to them and did not contact to them anymore though they were trying to contact me through my cell phone.They asked me to meet their agent on 26th sep 2011 at the delhi airport.I got a number of emails from them bt I ignored all.Again I got email from them.But this time CENTRAL BOARD OF EXCISE & CUSTOMS
are printed on it.They sent me 2 emails one on 4th oct & another on 12th oct.I am afraid now & in a helpless condition.I lodged complaint in various areas of cybercrime department via internet.Bt I didnot get any response from anywhwre.This depertment said If I wouldnot give them the clearence money to their deplomat I will be charged for money laundering in my country.What will I do now.I am in very critical condition.Plz help me.Plz releive me from this tension.Is this fake or true? I dont know bt I am in Tension.Central department asked me to paid them.What will I do now.Plz help me.
Yours faithfully
Nilendu Deb Gorai
email : ngorrai.go11@gmailcom
Mobile no: 8016878700ngorrai.go11@gmail.com[IMG...ail.google.com/mail/?hl=en&shva=1#drafts/132cd88bbbd43f00[/IMG]

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Posted : Thursday 13 October 2011 11:54 by Nilendu Deb Gorai

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