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micromax has been chetead me

Company/Brand: micromax mobile

I have buy a micromax mobile Model no- "A110 Superfone Canvas 2 - White" from sulekha.com, they send me a deffective phone, my Order No of sulekha.com is : 385927 and Order Date is Jan 11 2013. There is a line in display. when i contect to sulekha.com regarding this, they said that we are not going to do any thing first go to micromax service center. I went to kalkaji road micromax service center named SLR - Salora International LTD(ND) on 09/02/2013. i handover this handset to micromax service center on 09/02/2013.My Job-sheet No. is "N030742 - 0213 - 2860688". I was waiting for service center response but after 20 days there was not any response came to me. Then I put a complain regarding this on micromax customer care. My complain no is "0203139911".

Today is 19th march how long i have to wait.
I have not ever seen this kind of poor service(From both sulekha.com and micromax).
If they are not able to resolve this issue then please provide me a new phone. I do not have any other phone. I am suffering with no connectivity problem, this causes me lots of loss.

From Jan 11 2013(Buying date) till now i am not able to use that mobile that cost is rs10,099/- .

Please give attention on my complaint.

Even i mailed this issue to " info@micromaxinfo.com", but till now didn't get any reply from micromax.

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Posted : Tuesday 19 March 2013 11:44 by Alok Singh

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'1' Comments on this complaint so far:

1. amandepp (Posted : Saturday 23 March 2013 14:16)
As an administrator of this site, I assure you that your problem will be forwarded to mocromax and will be resolved soon.

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