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Pathetic service from IFB for my Washing Machine Request # 1000964925

Company/Brand: IFB Home Appliances


I am an IFB customer for 9 years, having a Senorita DX 5.5 KG washing machine. I have faced lot of issues in your support & service in these 9 years but this time it is even worse. On 21st January 2018 I logged a complaint in your customer care regarding my washing machine (Request # 1000964925), getting an assurance that in 24 hrs. technician will call me and visit to rectify the issue.

Actually, the issue in my washing machine is, on 21st January 2018, when my wife is try to start it on a regular program lot of black smoke came out of it. we immediately stop it and called your customer care.

on 22nd Jan 2018, I got a call from one of your technician Mr. Rohit Shukla, mobile # 8368106032, he visited my place & without even touching or looking at the machine and looking into the problem he stated that the tub of the machine and one more item from the machine is damaged it needs to be replaced. also, he asked my wife to buy de-scaling powder from him worth Rs. 850/- and run the de-scaling program. also, he doesn't have brought any tool along with him, he will come tomorrow again. But that tomorrow has never come till now.

On 24th Jan 2018, I got a call from another person from this mobile no. 9643424405, I don’t remember the name actually, but he was service in charge from IFB at Rajouri Garden. He asked us about the visit and told us to call again next day between 10:30 to 11:30, he was trying to fool us that our machine requires extra time to get repaired. I asked him why to call again to you, kindly send the technician tomorrow at my place. I also told him that I don’t think that tub is damaged, it is heater or something else which needs to be replaced. He again told me that no sir, it is the tub that needs to be changed and it requires more time.

Now there are several questions which got raised from the above for which I need an answer from IFB.

1. Why the technician didn’t look into the machine & find out the exact reason of the smoke?

2. Why he straight away said that tub of the machine needs to be replaced, he even didn’t touch the machine?

3. Why he visited our place without his set of tools along with him?

4. If he said that he will come next day, why he didn’t come again?

5. Why he asked us to purchase De-Scaling powder, worth Rs. 850/- which has nothing to do with machine fault?

6. Every time an executive come for repair, they always force us to purchase the De-Scaling powder or Machine Detergent? Is that company forcing them to do so?

7. Why the executive trying to replace the working part from the machine instead of the damaged part? What is his intensions?

8. Why the service manager trying to cover his technician? Ans asking us not to escalate?

9. Why till date my request is in pending state and not been resolved?

10. I purchased AMC repeatedly from IFB every time or 2 years from last 6 years or so. Is that a reason IFB didn’t want to give their AMC customer a priority, because they have already charged AMC money from them?

Really a pathetic experience from IFB, you can check from your records, how many times I have to call your customer service whenever there is a fault in my machine, it never happened that your executive come to our place in one call.

I am going to post this complaint online on several portals along with emailing to you. It should be resolved as soon as possible. And with replacing only damaged part not the working one. I have purchased AMC from you doesn’t mean I can replace any working part from my machine as well.

So kindly keep a check on your service centers and technicians, it only spoils the image of the company and not any individual.

if this is not the correct emai ld for my problem, kindly forward it to concerned department or person, or give me email id.

Amandeep S Gulati


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Posted : Saturday 27 January 2018 19:00 by Amandeep S Gulati

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