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No action to my request has caused so far, so through this email, pl treat this as notice no 1.

Pl note that any delay on your part may force me to knock the doors of the law. I would not bother how much it is going to cost me, but i will fight for the justice, that too when ifront of me is a reputed brand like yours.


Bhat Rajinder

Dear Sir,

We purchased one Micromax Q7 Model bearing S.no. M IMEI 910068101097118 A from M/s Nitin Communications, Karol Bagh on 05/09/2010 for Rs. 4450/= and after opening the set at home there was problem in charging part, it was showing connected or disconeected. i had approached the dealer four times for replacement of set but ultimately they gave in written that they are not going change the set.

Yesterday i had visited your service centre at Laxmi Nagar and from there it was told that it would be repaired and may be charged Rs. 260/= (if not covered under warranty), there was no way except paying Rs. 260/= and presently the set is with service at Laxmi Nagar.

Now at the outset i would like to know;

1. Just before 10-12 days i have purchased the set why it can not be replaced by new one , being the defected piece, what is quality control of Micromax and what is the

customer care.

2. Why a new purchased defected set is bieng charged.

and finally

I would like to request to replace the set at the earliest possible or other wise i may be forced to know the doors of justice, the defected set and money loss is causing pain to me.


With Best Wishes & Regards,

Rajinder Bhat

Cell : +91 9868116698

LL : 0124-2708130 Office

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Posted : Thursday 16 December 2010 15:23 by Rajinder Kumar Bhat

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