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REGRETS - WELCOME ORDER NO.8610300676114 ; INTERNET NO.9243212379


I had taken a connection of TATA DOCOMO PHOTON , plan opted QARP (6 MONTH PLAN)- rent free)) at your Dealer TVSCOCO, HANUMANTHNAGAR - Pos Code 9035673293 / 92424337800 by paying Rs.5000/- on 23.04.2013.
This connection was activated on 26.04.2013. I have approached your Dealer on 28.05.2013 for obtaining the Bill for the transaction. I have been offered the Sales Invoice cum Receipt in the name of ".Vishwanath" Srinagar against Inv.No.12013-14/1150-1111-00008 dt. 29.04.2013.
Not satisfied with the Receipt, not in my name, I have enquired Mr.Keerthan, the person at the Counter representing TATA DOCOMO AT YOUR SRINAGAR DEALERSHIP, who has also received the cash and delivered the Device, as to why the Receipt is not in my Name, while I have paid Rs.5000/-- in cash.
Mr.Keerthan has not agreed to issue the Receipt in my Name and has denied to do the same as requested. As such, I have raised my voice, questioning the authenticity of the Receipt in somebody's name. Mr.Keerthan has lost his temper and used filthy language using the term "F........R" in front of many customers.
I strongly condemn this act under the banner of TATA DOCOMO and have told Mr.Keerthan that I would complain about it to his higher ups. Hence this intimation. I further, will respond on receipt of your reply in this regard.
Notwithstanding the above, it is requested to explain the following :-
1) Why the Bill is not raised in my Name for the Device purchased by me ?
2) The connection has been activated on 26.04.2013 while the billing cycle is stated as 15.04.2013.
3) The speed has been reset to 153.6 kbps till end of bill cycle as per your message on 12.05.13 quoting reasons that the data has been consumed as per my bill plan.
4) The expected speed as per the Plan (6GB) on the corresponding " date of activation" of the connection is still not reset as on 26.05.13.
Please reply immediately.
Nageshwar Bhat kannadka

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Posted : Thursday 30 May 2013 23:14 by NAGESHWAR BHAT KANNADKA


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